We have done the hard work we have taken on the challenge and canoed 84km or 52.343 miles in 12 hours. We had three days to get used to canoeing, and covered about 20 km a day in two man canoes. we carried all our own gear and all our own food and water. This was going to toughen us up for the main event.

Every September a canoe race takes place over the above mentioned distance and the organisers offered for us to take part. Our time would be taken into account on the day, but there would be a twist! We would not be taking part in a one or even a two man canoe, we would be taking part in a bigger vessel. Our equipment was not modern by any stretch of the imagination, and was so big you could put an out-board motor on it

So the challenge was to paddle this relic down the course 84km or 52.343 miles in under 12 hours!!!  considering we had only covered less then 25% of the distance in one day before, we were all feeling apprehensive to say the least!!

But we did it, we dug deep and struggled through.......